Why Deer Hunting is Good for the Deer Population and Us

Swamp Deer, Royal Bardia National Park, Nepal

One of my favorite things to do in the morning is walk my dog, and often times we encounter quite a few deer. Many times they are only 15-20 feet away and just stare at us with zero fear in their eyes. They really can be majestic creatures and are so adorable I sometimes wish […]

12 Steps to Stay Safe While Hunting Plus Bonus Tips

Vintage hunter walks the forest road. Rifle Hunter Silhouetted in Beautiful Sunset or Sunrise

Deer season sees hunters come out in their droves at a chance that comes once each year. Among the seasoned hunters are a few newbies who are anxious to get their first kill. Many of them are excited but scared to shoot wrong or miss the deer altogether. If you are a new hunter, you […]