How to Plant a Garden to Attract Pollinators like Honeybees

I’m far from a green thumb but I attempted to plant a few vegetables on my own this year. I went out to my garden the other day and saw that I still did not have any squash on my plants, despite the many squash flowers that had bloomed. It got me wondering what I […]

How to Keep Honey Bees Safe from Predators

It was a normal morning like any other day and Fred went outside to visit his lovely honeybees who were hard at work. When he got to the hive, it is safe to say that he was shocked. The numbers of Fred’s bees had drastically dropped and he did not know why. It could have […]

The Ultimate Guide to Bee Keeping for Beginners

Beekeeping is a surprisingly popular hobby and pastime that can be satisfying and relaxing to partake in. If you’re looking into beekeeping and what it takes to maintain bee colonies, it’s important that you do your research and take the right precautions before you begin. This article provides a detailed guide on bee keeping 101. […]

Which kind of bees are dangerous and which are friendly?

Learning The Difference Between Dangerous and Friendly Bees Did you know that bees are the chief pollinators of the world? Ironically, we need them to help us with the production of crops. In fact, one-third of our food supply is directly affected by the pollination of these little insects. The next time you shop for […]