How to Keep Honey Bees Safe from Predators

It was a normal morning like any other day and Fred went outside to visit his lovely honeybees who were hard at work. When he got to the hive, it is safe to say that he was shocked. The numbers of Fred’s bees had drastically dropped and he did not know why. It could have […]

The Ultimate Guide to Bee Keeping for Beginners

Beekeeping is a surprisingly popular hobby and pastime that can be satisfying and relaxing to partake in. If you’re looking into beekeeping and what it takes to maintain bee colonies, it’s important that you do your research and take the right precautions before you begin. This article provides a detailed guide on bee keeping 101. […]

How to Treat Your Home and Family for Lice

I remember going into work one day and seeing the mortified look on coworkers’ face. She was clearly bothered by something and had an exasperated expression her face. When I approached her about what was wrong, it turned out that they had found lice in her daughter’s hair at school the previous day. Now all […]

The 5 Best Ways to Keep Roaches Out of Your Home (Hint: Stay Clean!)

If you see one roach, there’s hundreds more behind it. Roaches are an unwelcome pest in any home. I’ve got the lowdown on why roaches invade homes, and the top five ways to keep these pesky insects out of your home for good! What Are the Different Types of Roaches? Regardless of the type, we […]

What To Do If Coyotes Have Taken Up Residence Near Your Home

Coyotes are amazing creatures, but that doesn’t mean that you want them near you and your family. While smaller than their relatives the wolf, coyotes can get to weigh as much as 46 pounds. Even though these beautiful creatures may remind you of your dog, they are extremely dangerous. They have sharp teeth and are […]

What attracts fruit flies and how to prevent them from coming back?

What attracts fruit flies and how to prevent them from coming back Nearly everyone has a fruit fly story to tell. The little buggers are really hard to get rid of! No one likes fruit flies, especially when they try to fly up your nose or into your eyes. And once you realize they are […]

How to keep rodents away from your home.

How to keep rodents and mice away from your home Just the sight of that small furry blur as it races by is enough to send chills down most people’s spines. Yet as much as you may wish your home was rodent-proof, that may not be the case….yet. How can you keep rodents, mice and […]

How to safely remove a wasp nest, and keep them away for good!

How to Remove a Wasp Nest It’s every homeowner’s nightmare: a wasp nest on – or, worse, inside! – your property. Wasps can build their nests anywhere, from your awning to your drain pipe to your attic walls, and if you aren’t a trained professional it can be hard to know what to do about […]

How to get rid of carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are one of the most dreaded pests the world over. Not only do they pack a nasty bite, but can also cause significant structural damage to your home. However, unlike termites, carpenter ants (Camponotus spp.) damage wood through burrowing and nesting in it rather than feeding on the wood as termites do. Carpenter […]

What are the top ten home remedies for pest control

Your home is where you want to feel safe and comfortable, but it’s difficult to do that if you’re worried about roaches, ants, bed bugs, flies, or other pests invading your home. In addition, you want to protect your home from these pests, but you don’t want to use harsh pesticides or spend hundreds of […]